Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Assassinating the Leader of a Sovereign Nation

Dangerous Precedents Have Been Set by Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and Hague. Peddling a policy that includes assassinating the leader of a sovereign nation, besieged under blatantly false pretenses, sets a dangerous precedent that may backfire in the faces of the arrogant men calling for it.
         With the US now openly admitting to recruiting, training, funding, and equipping armies of "activists" to go back and subvert their nations' governments.As this facade of legitimacy crumbles, the imperialist nature of the aggression becomes more overt and we now see what looks more like the opening salvos of World War III than a "wave of democracy" sweeping the world.
       'Give Up Now Or We’ll Kill You,' Liam Fox Warns Gaddafi As He Starts Talks With U.S. On Widening Scope Of Airstrikes -- Daily Mail  
Two and four large missiles or bombs hit and exploded in the compound early today, A Libyan official accompanying journalists at the scene said 45 people were wounded, 15 seriously, in the bombing. It was an attempt to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi.
       America already has the blood of Salvador Allende on
its hands, and who knows who else, and France and the UK have plenty of blood on their hands from the past as well. But no leaders have ever been so bold in their public assertions that it was, and is, their "right" to assassinate another leader of a sovereign nation.If this internationally illegal behavior -- this action -- is allowed to go unpunished, then we can expect chaos throughout the world. No leader of any nation will be safe, and that includes the warmongering group of four: Obama, Hague, Cameron and Sarkozy.

Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have set two very dangerous precedents that may come back to devour them, if China, Russia or some other power group decides to respond in kind against them. They feel they have the right to:

1. Go in and help the CIA-backed Libyan "rebels"; instigate the overthrow of the Qaddafi government.
2. Assassinate the leader of any sovereign nation, as they   wish, for whatever reasons they choose.  

Suppose China decides to come to the USA to help the Latinos in Arizona, Texas and California. What would Obama do?

Suppose some of the Muslim countries decide to hire mercenaries to assassinate France's Sarkozy because they feel he is being unfair to Muslims who live in France. What would Sarkozy do then?

Suppose Qaddafi sends agents in to sabotage or to kill any of this group of four -- what would they do? I'm sure they'd go screaming to the UN saying, "This is a violation of international law!"

Ah, the laws of double standards and hypocrisy; it's okay if we do this to you, but you can't do it to us!

Source: whatreallyhappened.org


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