Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama is direct threat to saudi arabia.Pakistan!

Saudi Arabia is the main target of US in middle east after Egypt.Saudi Arabia must have a fear that the USA and its allies are planning to take over Saudi's oil. Saudi Arabia now see Obama is a threat to national security.
              Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia Gets Pakistani Military Support vs CIA Color Revolution. If CIA will start color revolution in Saudi Arabia, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia gets Pakistani military support to counter any CIA threat.

            A Russia-Saudi-Pakistan-China Bloc could challenge Wall St. and the City of London

                Pakistan allies to china and Bandar conection to Russia, will make way to a new bloc Saudi,Pakistan,Russia and China. Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia is preparing his trip to Pakistan which means open way to china. Bandar goes to Pakistan means, whats nixon has done 40years ago. That is real alliance of strategic,economic and military, Bloc have a potential to change Global Scenario. 
                Saudi Arabia mainly rely on US for their security needs but now saudi Arabia realize that CIA have a plan to split Saudi Arabia gives the Saudis the holy sites and us the oil.So far, the US-Saudi special relationship has lasted 50 years because of a simple deal: oil in exchange for security.
                American real Aim is
to starting war between Saudi Arabi and iran by dragging them in Battle ground Bahrain, provide an opportunity to interfere and invade Saudi Arabia.The US has not had wholly “friendly” intentions towards the Kingdom for the past 30 years. Any appearance of such is only the visible veneer of real US military policy. Declassified documents reveal that there has been a constant drumbeat to invade Saudi Arabia that has sounded behind the closed doors of our government. The Pentagon, for three decades, has formulated and updated secret plans to seize Saudi oil wells and rid the Kingdom of the ruling House of Saud. This is not only a neo-conservative cabal. Time and again plans have been made for an invasion of Saudi Arabia for a larger purpose: US control of the global oil supply thereby dominating global economic markets.


Source: aangirfan


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