Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pakistan Now Frontline State of Sunni Islam

Media reports have widely publicized the Pakistan Army earmarking two Pakistan Army Divisions on standby alert for immediate deployment to Saudi Arabia fearing outbreak of political upheaval in that country.
Media reports also indicate that Pakistan Army’s Fauji Foundation is recruiting Pakistan Army retired soldiers for service in the Bahrain National Guard at exorbitant salaries. This is to boost up the strength of the Bahrain National Guard to deal with the majority Shia population spearheading political upheaval calling for replacement of the Sunni monarchy. Pakistani media also indicates that this recruitment is being restricted to Sunnis only and that too the Mashnavi Syeds and its sub-clans of ManiKhel, SahibKhel, DeraKhel and RahatKhel. Shias are not being recruited.

Pakistani media reports indicate that immediately after the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, the Pakistan Army hierarchy had undertaken contingency planning for earmarking of two Pakistan Army Divisions for Saudi Arabia in the event of political disturbances breaking out there. The process was reinforced by the visit of the Secretary General of the Saudi National Security Council to Islamabad thereafter.
The significant point to note is that both in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain where the Pakistan Army is getting involved in the Gulf Region, the Shia majorities on the Gulf littoral are pitted against the conservative entrenched Sunni monarchies
Pakistan Army is not getting involved in these two countries to begin with, for ‘boy-scout’ duties. Any escalation of political upheaval in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, to begin with, would require Pakistan Army soldiers in Saudi Arabia and its ex-soldiers in Bahrain National Guard to take military action against Shia protestors.
In effect, what it amounts to is that the Pakistan Army will be actively involved in perpetuating the Sunni monarchies status-quo in the Gulf against overwhelming political upheaval for regime change from the Shia majorities.
No wonder in the Pakistan media some higher-up has wryly commented that in such a process the Pakistan Army gets transformed from a “Frontline State Against Terrorism” to “Frontline State of Sunni Islam”
Turkey would have to take a tough call in relation to its strengthened relations with Iran and its restive Shia population in the South and its revival of warmth towards Pakistan. A Turkish break with Iran diminishes its increasing Middle East profile  

 Iraq carries the most damaging potential for the United States should it even remotely facilitate an intrusive Pakistan Army presence in the Region in whatever form. Iraq has a sizeable Shia population which would not take kindly to Pakistan Army bolstering the autocratic regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Iraq is already noticeably restive on the Saudi Arabian military occupation of Bahrain.
Additionally Pakistan Army can expect greater  financial payments from Saudi Arabia to bolster its military War machine with possible payments for raising two additional Pakistan Army Divisions to offset deployments in Saudi Arabia.    

source: pakmedia 

Addressing the press conference at Lahore, ISO Central senior vice president Syed Kumail Sherazi called to government of Pakistan to stop the recruiting.

Two other members of the student group, Athar Imran and Maulana Azhar Hussain were also present on the occasion.

They also condemned the Saudi regime’s action for sending troops to
crush the pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain.

The student leaders said that the America and its allies will not
succeed in the conspiracy to eliminate the uprisings in Middle East and
North Africa at gun point.

The leaders said that the so called king of the Saudi regime, Abdullah, was not the custodian
of holy sites. They said he was actually a slave of America who dispatched Saudi to kill the innocent protesters in Bahrain.

The Saudi Regime is trying to secure the illegitimate monarchy of Bahrain in order (amongst other things) to protect the U.S. navy’s fifth fleet which is based out the island nation.

The student leaders announced a country wide campaign called Tehreek-e-Hemayat-e-Mazlomeen-e-Jahan (A movement to support the oppressed people of the world). They cited expressing solidarity with protestors and opposing the brutal actions of oppressors against righteous uprisings as the basic objectives of the movement.

The Bahrain National Guards (BNG) has recruited a large number of former Pakistani military men from different areas of Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa, Sindh and Baluchistan provinces of
the country in the recent weeks.

Bahrain’s regime Foreign Minister, Sheikh Khalid Al-Khalifa also
visited Pakistan last week seeking Islamabad’s assistance in crushing the Bahraini people's uprising.

source: islamtimes 


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