Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Radioactive Particles hit Peshawar Shuba?ROSEMARY!

There is no ban on Importing cell phones, laptops, cars, spare parts and other gadgets from japan radiation effected zone, Soon or may be that radioactive particles  reached peshawar shuba market.No awarness about radiation and radioactive particles related to import of above goods from japan,so no voice against it.
         The radiation risk from import of these items is no longer negligable.Fukushima explosion and a massive cloud of radioactive isotopes gets dropped onto everything.  Despite these warnings, the real issue that few are willing to acknowledge.
 Now, Egypt has declared that it will halt all import of goods from Japan to avoid any unwanted radioactivity. This ban includes food imports, fresh produce, scrap metal and car parts.

                       Japanese cars in Russia labeled radioactive.In recent weeks, the Russian Customs port of Vladivostok were spotted and seized a fifty cars from Japan where the rate of radioactivity was much higher than normal. Contaminated vehicles have been isolated until health authorities decide how to proceed.

                Nissan Americas says it will start monitoring vehicles imported from Japan for radioactive material today.

Rosemary available in Tarnab Farm Peshawar
           Rosemary Found to Offer Best Protection against Radiation Poisoning and Compounds from rosemary fight against mutagenic effects of radiation.
                     In two separate studies, scientists in Spain found that nothing fights radiation damage to micronuclei like a simple garden herb known as rosemary.
They noted that ionizing radiation causes the massive generation of free radicals that induce cellular DNA damage. They studied the protective effects of several compounds against gamma ray induced chromosomal damage in micronuclei testing by adding various compounds to human blood before and after irradiation. When the compounds were added after gamma-irradiation treatment, the protective effects relied not on scavenging ability, but on activity against free radicals already present in the cells, such as lipoperoxy radicals which are mainly responsible for continuous chromosomal oxidative damage.
                       The fact that carnosic acid and carnosol found in rosemary are fat soluble allows them to provide highly asignificant protective anti-mutagenic activity. Even the most powerful water-soluble antioxidants lack the capacity to protect against gamma ray induced damage. This study can be found in the British Journal of Radiology, February 2 edition.
                      In their second study, the generation of radiation induced cellular DNA damage to skin from free radicals was the focus. The researchers sought to demonstrate that rosmarinic acid from rosemary would act as a photo-protector both by acting as a scavenger of free radicals and as an inducer of the body's own endogenous defense mechanisms by regulating tyrosinase activity and stimulating melanin production. They found that formulation of toxic malonyldialdehyde was delayed by the use of rosmarinic acid, and the protection factor was 3.34 times greater than for other compounds studied, as measured in micronucleus testing. In vivo testing showed the capacity of orally administered rosmarinic acid to inhibit skin alterations as a result of UV radiation exposure. This study was reported in the February edition of Food and Chemical Toxicology.


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