Tuesday, April 5, 2011

USA Frustration And Impatience Over To Break the Taliban’s Momentum In Afghanistan

President Obama seeks to break the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan, it appears he has decided to ultimately leave the Taliban issue to Afghanistan and Pakistan to resolve.

President Hamid Karzai is in a mess, and the USA is also responsible for this situation. Washington manoeuvred to make Mr. Karzai the President, and then tried to bring him down. Corruption is a major issue in Afghanistan no doubt, but the US still does not understand that American standards just cannot simply be imposed on Afghanistan overnight. Afghanistan is a country of tribal and sectoral rivalries, and resent foreign regimes imposing leadership on them.

The Afghanistan issue is poised to take a new turn, with the USA and NATO in a withdrawal mood, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai caught in crossfire.In his statement on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Annual Review, US President Barack Obama conveyed a sense that the original American intention to eradicate militancy and terrorism in Afghanistan and establish a secular and democratic government in the country has failed.
At the same time President Obama conveyed that America is not going to leave the Afghanistan-Pakistan turf empty. Even after withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, American presence in civilian and military sphere in Af-Pak will remain. Presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan is of high strategic importance for the US in the context of China and Central Asia, and future terrorist surge against it and its allies.

Source: South asia group analysis


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