Thursday, June 23, 2011

I hope the fire doesn't reach the United States

China warned the United States on Wednesday not to let Southeast Asian countries drag it into territorial disputes in the South China Sea, saying the U.S. instead should counsel its allies to show restraint.
"I believe the individual countries are playing with fire," Cui Tiankai, China's vice foreign minister, said Wednesday. "I hope the fire doesn't reach the United States."
One of the most formidable warships in the United States Navy has been deployed in the South China Sea and Sulu Sea for “freedom of navigation operations,”.The ship will be sailing through waters that the US considers international waters to assert right of free passage and to demonstrate the international community does not accept national claims to the contrary.

China emerged from the 2007-8 global economic crisis with a new sense of its strength and corresponding US weakness when it comes to money and power. China threaten the United States and claiming the entire South China Sea as its own, citing historical records.
Budget funds are tight. And, significantly, cracks are beginning to appear within the United States. National politics are increasingly polarized and paralyzed as the country debates how to get its economic house in order. A recent Wall Street Journal editorial told readers they have to choose between being a superpower or a welfare state. That is precisely the choice the new Cold Warriors would want us to face.

Source: YAHOO NEWSwashingtonpost


Blaq Mind said...

Welfare it is eh.

Asif Shah said...

This is not my words to write but said by China's vice foreign minister.I don't understand why you want to remove this post, do you want to censor some news

Anon said...

The USA should copy Switzerland.

- Aangirfan

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