Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prediction of The Arab Awakening ( in 2003 ) and the Role of Aljazeera and Israel

When you look at this video please consider that it was made in 2003. This is significant especially to what we see happening in our world  today. The predictions are remarkably accurate.

View the longer version of this speech below where among other things the financial collapse was also predicted:

How right on this man is. And the Israelies were the very ones who got George WAR Bush to attack Iraq with his neo cons, Wolfowitz, Perle,Rummy, Negroponte, Rice, et al. Everyone who knows their history knows very well Israel was doing everything in its power to convince the world that Saddam would attack Israel. So he is absolutely correct on that point. And, he must be a fortune teller re: the arab spring because here we are in 2011 and we have the entire middle east overthrowing their dictators and puppets. What will happen in September when the UN must vote on a Palestinan State. What will Obama do, he will have Susan Rice vote against it....why, because he is looking after "his political legacy" he wants to go down in history as the ultimate peacemaker.


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