Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strong Response: Pakistan withdraw troops from the Pak-Afghan border

Mukhtar said that Pakistan would pull back troops from the nearly 1,100 check posts set up along the Pak-Afghan border.Following Pakistan Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar’s statement that Pakistan would withdraw its troops from the Pak-Afghan border, Maj Gen Jamshed Ayaz said that Pakistan was well within its rights to utilise the troops where it sees its
national interest served best and it was a good statement from the defence minister.
The defence minister also said that the government has asked American military trainers to leave the country because they were seen to be connected with Raymond Davis. He said that the government had asked them to leave for because they broke the rules.Mukhtar said “this money (US military aid) is not for fighting the war, but is money that we have spent already.”
Mukhtar said that Pakistan could not afford to keep its military out in the mountains or in the border areas for a long period of time.
“The next step would be that the government or the armed forces will pull back the forces from the border areas,” he said.



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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

America ko khalatfami thi ki russia ko shikast dee,aaj hamare jawano ne sabit kardiya ke hamarye bakher superpower kie kyoe wakht nahi,owr jald dekhlo ghee pakistan superpower ko kya surprise denye wala hai,islamic bloc

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