Monday, July 4, 2011

US Embassy Use Gay lesbian bisexualism and transgender as "cultural terrorism" against the Pakistan

The US Embassy has arranged the first ever gay, lesbians and transgender pride celebration ceremony in Islamabad.The US Embassy issued a press release on June 26 in which it made it public that Charge d’ Affaires Ambassador Richard Hoagland, and members of Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA) hosted Islamabad Embassy’s first ever gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) Pride Celebration on June
26.Over 75 people including mission officers, US
military representatives, foreign diplomats, and leaders of Pakistani GLBT advocacy groups attended the ceremony. In formal remarks, the charge d’ affaires underscored President Obama’s May 31, 2011 GLBT Pride Proclamation: “We rededicate ourselves to the pursuit of equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity”.
Homosexual acts are illegal in Pakistan and can carry severe punishments.American come mocking islam, our values, our beliefs.They are doing their best to make the act of homosexuality normal. they are against natural instinct.
We condemn the American conspiracy to encourage bisexualism in our country,” said Mohammad Hussain Mehnati, city chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Pakistan’s largest Islamic party, while leading a rally.“They have destroyed us physically, imposed the so-called war on terrorism on us and now they have unleashed cultural terrorism on us,” he said above the din of slogans of “Death to America” by his party cadres.(dawnnews
Pakistan’s penal code, “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” is punishable by either a fine or imprisonment, the UNHCR says.But under Sharia laws in Pakistan, which were introduced in 1990, homosexual acts can draw punishments of whipping, imprisonment or even death.The meeting was the second most
dangerous attack by the U.S. against Pakistan, following missiles fired from unmanned drones,“Such people are the curse of society and social garbage,” the statement released by Jamaat-e-Islami read.
On the other hand, US Embassy’s function ignited a hot debate throughout the country. As a matter of fact this has divided the masses in two halves; majority condemning the move while others are seen favouring the US Embassy’s move to announce backing and supporting the lesbian bisexualism and transgender in Pakistan. Most people learnt of the celebration organised on June 26 through a statement posted in the ‘press releases’ section of the US Embassy website.
The US Embassy’s involvement in the event at a time of rising anti-American sentiments in country
has widely been condemned by the masses. “Why would the US like to court a few engaged in an activity considered immoral in the country at the cost of the majority and then complain about Pakistanis being hostile to them. It must realise and respect laws of Pakistan which do not allow gay marriages and celebration at all,” Mumtaz Naqvi, a social activist said.
It is pertinent to mention here that, during the event at the US embassy, Charge d’Affaires Richard Hoagland acknowledged the struggle for LGBT rights in Pakistan.
“I want to be clear: the US Embassy is here to support you and stand by your side every step of the way,” Hogland said. However, a well-known personality in political circles of country, defend the rights of homosexuals and said they have full right to live their lives as they want.(Nation)




Noor al Haqiqa said...

I shudder at what they have done to American culture over the past century. And they have bound it up with that filthy political correctness chain that draws such censure should you speak out. The problem about PC is that it is a method of shoving something vile down the throats of the unwilling. First create an artificial pity for these others. Then make them more and more in need of "understanding to be free" with their abhorences. Get the unthinking or the confused to "understand" and sympathize. Find a need to pass laws to "protect" this "underdog". Make it shameful or cruel to speak out against these people.

Bingo, political correctness and another value that society upholds as a standard of decency is down the chute. They say that, the more effeminate the men, the weaker the society is becoming.

Now anyone who knows me, my daughters, anyone, would SHOOT me for the things I am saying, but I still stand behind them full degree. I do not hate gay people per se, but I do hate this AGENDA, this aggressive agenda, that has been forced upon civilization. In the past I did some articles on the homosexual issue and found that it was definitely pushed by Jews. Israel brags that it is the only country in the middle east where it is safe to be gay. If you punch "homosexuality" into the search on my blog a lot of stuff will pop up.

Fight this with all you can. Do NOT resort to killing gays because that also plays right into the hands of the western media. They have used it against Iran many times. Murder is not the answer, expulsion might be better.

It is dirty dirty play these Jews and their American colony engage in. And morals is one of them. They will use this issue to break up families, whatever they can, divide and conquer. So good luck on this one.

Asif Shah said...

Thanks for useful and in detail information

Anonymous said...

Well before going ahead let me clarify few points......apart from this who is gay, lesbian or any thing else....I think this is not his or her personal
choice...either he or she is born with this orientation or they were forced to do so when they were kids.In both the cases they are innocent because genetic disorder can not be controlled since this is natural and secondly if due to bad environment , they have perceived something wrong in childhood,it is once again the society which is held responsible.....but no body will answer this question rather will react to it in ferocious manner and will start blaming US and Jew lobby.Why don't we put our house in
order.There are so many bad developments going on in our society.... loadsheeding,inflation,use of religion for personal interests,Qabza groups,extreme corruption from low level to higher executive level...should we blame US or Jews lobby for this.....this is our own incompetency........I think these are more dangerous evils which may even lead to the disintegration of Pakistan(Allah na Karay).I am personally not in favour of gay or lesbian freedom but I am deadly against the Hippocratic
reaction which was shown by few self-proclaimed so called good Muslims ...who always supported feaduals and the elite mafia at the cost of poor lay man.

Anonymous said...

yes u r rite anonymous

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