Tuesday, August 23, 2011

West shocked! Gaddafi Son Saif Al Islam on the streets of Tripoli

Strongman is far from Finished.“Tripoli is under our control. Everyone should rest assured. All is well in Tripoli,” Seif told journalists at the compound, smiling broadly and flashing the V-for-victory sign.Take your pick from the lies and what appears to be a concerted media campaign to mislead. Propaganda. Perception Management. Whatever. Here is some interesting news reports today, the media is backpedalling and trying to make excuses for the lies of yesterday.Gadaffi's son, whom the rebels "claimed" was captured, looks quite free in the video. Saif al-Islam- "My father
is safe and in Tripoli… They (rebels) said they control Libya, they can't. Tripoli is under our control," he told reporters. There is an audio clip from a spokesperson from the International Criminal Court indicating there had been NO official confirmation of the arrest of Gadaffi's son.UPDATE and apologies- the audio has been removed from the BBC page. (Pennyforyourthoughts2)

A YouTube video, referenced by Al-Jazeera, reportedly show Libya opposition forces storming the home of Gadhafi’s daughter, which is referred to as a ‘compound’ by the western media.Why the need for the propaganda? It is a house, not a military compound.

Rebel leader Abdel Hakem Belhadj that was killed today in Tripoli by forces of brave Libyan tribes. Click here for Photo link


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