Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Army chief cautions US against unilateral ground offensive

Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani warned the United States not to takes unilateral action in Pakistani area of North Waziristan, media reported on Wednesday.Troops increased at check posts with Afghan border: DG ISPR
According to media reports, a Parliamentarian who attended the breifing spoke on condition of anonymity. "The problem lies in Afghanistan, not Pakistan," the parliamentarian quoted Kayani as telling the committee in a national security briefing at army headquarters.The Army Chief Kayani stresses national prestige and sovereignty will never be compromised at any cost,    
underscoring Afghanistan is the problem not Waziristan.Army Chief urged Washington to maintain its focus on Afghanistan instead of pressuring Pakistan, warning.“The US would have to think ten times before taking unilateral action at Pakistani soil before its actually goes for it, as Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan” he added.
"All intelligence agencies have contacts. Don't the CIA and (the British spy agency) MI6 have such contacts? It is through these contacts that we get information," the parliamentarian quoted Kayani as saying.
Another participant quoted the General as rejecting the US allegations that Pakistan was using the Taliban-linked Haqqani network for waging a proxy war in Afghanistan and said that his country was a part of solution, not the problem.
"The nice guys don't give you information. It is contacts like this that yield intelligence. It is about whether you use this information positively or negatively."
Kayani said Pakistan alone would decide if and when to launch a full-scale offensive in North Waziristan, which Western intelligence agencies say is a sanctuary for militants who cross the border to attack US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan.
"If someone convinced me that all problems will be solved by taking action in North Waziristan, I'd do it tomorrow," the parliamentarian quoted Kayani as saying.
"If we need to take action, we will do it on our schedule and according to our capacity" COAS said.
Kayani also rejected a perception that Pakistan wanted to control Afghanistan and said it was evident from history that nobody ever succeeded in doing so.
"When the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union failed to do so, how can it be expected of Pakistan? We do not have a magic wand to succeed in doing what others failed," he added.


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