Monday, October 31, 2011

'Declare assets or face disobedience' Imran’s Lahore rally stuns opponents(Video)

Imran Khan surprised his detractors on Sunday by holding a massive public meeting, described by political observers as one of the biggest rallies held in Lahore over the past two decades. And in a hard-hitting speech he asked the rulers to declare their assets and threatened a civil disobedience movement and a countrywide blockade if they did not do so.Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan Sunday asked the rulers to declare their assets within few months, failing which his party would launch civil disobedience movement to oust them.
“Peoples’ tsunami will sweep them (rulers) away”, he said while addressing a mammoth public rally at Minar-i-Pakistan, which, according to conservative estimates attracted well
over a hundred thousand people from across Punjab and other parts of the country. The rally organisers said their estimate was 400,000 to 500,000 people.
Complete Vidie of IMRAN KHAN’S Historic Address To Historic Crowd In LAHORE
The cricketer-turned-politician, who himself might be astonished to see such a large crowd before him, declared that he would clean bold the two parties with people’s support.
“I know how to break the partnership (between PPP and PML-N)”, Imran threw the gauntlet at President Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, as his words had the implied meanings that both were ruling the country since long, but now he would not let them ‘play’ any more.
“I would send the two batsmen packing (an obvious reference to Nawaz Sharif and President Zardari) back to the pavilion by throwing just one delivering”, he said using cricket terminology. “Mian Saab jaan diyo sadi wari aan diyo”. (Mian Saab your turn is over, let us have ours), Imran averred, this time addressing only to Nawaz Sharif.
Asking politicians to declare their assets within few months, the PTI leader warned that if they did not do so he would launch a civil disobedience movement to oust the rulers. He said he would also approach the Supreme Court in this regard.
Imran said his party will set up a cell to probe politicians’ assets abroad and within the country and expose them before the public.
In his 45 minutes speech, Imran claimed that he had the panacea to resolve all problems facing the country and also announced a roadmap to steer the country out of the present mess.
He said both Nawaz and Zardari were not capable of delivering any good to the nation and now was the time for change.
Talking about as to how he would end loadshedding, he said that after coming into power, he would ensure that all power generating units are run 60 to 70 per cent of their total capacity instead of current 25 per cent.
Imran also vowed to end Thana and Kachehri culture by introducing Panchayat system to be run under local government system. He said he would make villages powerful to resolve villagers’ problems at their doorstep.
Khan said if voted into power, he would computerise revenue record to end the monopoly of Patwaris who fleece the people. He doubted sincerity of the present rulers to computerise the revenue record, saying they will not let this happen to continue having their share in the extortion made by Patwaris. He believed that the bribe taken by these officials went up to the higher echelons, and the ‘Qabza mafia’ now sitting in the assemblies was patronising the corrupt system mainly run by the Patwaris.
Imran vowed to do away with the current Thana culture through de-politicisation of police. He also announced introducing a new system for appointment of Station House Officers (SHOs) who would be elected by the people. “A police officer elected by the people will not dare do injustice with his electorate”, he substantiated his point.
The PTI chief also cast aspersions on prevailing system of justice in the country. “Justice is sold in courts and not dispensed”, he observed, adding that his government would introduce Panchayat system at local level besides taking measures to make the judiciary independent and free of administrative control.
He told his supporters that after coming into power, he would make it compulsory through legislation for every politician to declare his/her assets before entering into politics.
He also pledged to end tax evasion by the mighty and rooting out corruption from government departments. According to his estimate, the country suffered a huge loss of over Rs3,000 billion annually mainly because of corrupt practices in the present system. He said he would bring back the looted money, around $100 in his assessment, deposited in the foreign accounts. The crowd responded by saying a big ‘No’ when Imran asked them if Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari had the capacity and will to end corruption and collect taxes. “Only Imran Khan can do it”, he said, adding that he would also hold the corrupt accountable.
Reverting back to Nawaz, the PTI chief said: “How could you defeat a big Magarmachh (crocodile) in the form of Zardari when you cannot even kill mosquitoes,” a reference to dengue epidemic in the Punjab. He also termed Friday’s PML-N rally a gathering of Patwaris.
Coming to Balochistan problem, he said his party would win over all disgruntled Baloch leaders though negotiations and by bringing an end to military operation and target killings there. He said he was already in contact with Akhtar Mengal in this regard. He said PTI would establish Truth and Reconciliation Commission to woo back the estranged Balochs.

Massive Rally in Lahore: Imran Khan Leads Calls for Pakistan to End US Alliance.“Our leaders owned this war on terror for the sake of dollars,” Khan declared, “let me curse you. You sold out the blood of innocent people.” 


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