Sunday, October 23, 2011

Indian helicopter captured after violating Pakistan's airspace 4 Army Officers taken into Custody and took security data

"The chopper is in Olding sector in Pakistan. It is under safe custody. We have informed our Indian counterparts about the incident," he said.

Abbas added, "investigation are on we are trying to find out how chopper came so deep in Pakistan."

Pakistani authorities have informed their Indian counterparts, adding that the four crew
members of the chopper are safe and in Pakistani custody.
A source inside the Pakistani Defence said that once investigations were done the crew will be released.
"This is Olding Sector Skardu. First thing we did was to inform Indian side as a goodwill gesture. The crew are fine and investigations are on. Release will happen only after talks and negotiations. Prima Facie it appears that due to some human error they wrongly estimated and entered 25 kms inside," the source said.

Pakistani military officials have said the Indian Army chopper was escorted to Skardu.
Indian Military sources confirmed that it was an Army Cheetah which had moved from Leh to Bhimbat with engineering officers and a JCO onboard to rectify defect of another chopper.

Initial media reports had said that the Indian helicopter had strayed into Pakistani airspace due to bad weather conditions in Skardu area.
In New Delhi, army sources said the helicopter belonging to Army's Aviation Corps was on its way to Bhimbhat from Leh.
One engineering officer, One JCO and two pilots were onboard Cheetah helicopter when it landed in PoK, they said.
The Director-General of Military operations of both the countries are in touch with each other, sources said, adding action is in hand to retrieve them.

A military official said that a lieutenant colonel, two majors and a junior commissioned officer of the Indian army were on board the helicopter and all of them were detained.
Agencies add: The Indian helicopter was released after senior military officials from both sides spoke on a hotline. “The helicopter and four officers on board returned around 5.30 pm (1230 GMT) after a contact between the director-general military operations of the two countries,” Pakistani military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said, adding that the Pakistan army provided refuelling for the helicopter.
The Indian defence ministry said the helicopter had returned to Kargil in Indian-occupied Kashmir. “The issue has been resolved,” the ministry spokesman, Sitanshu Kar, said.

Pakistan took security data from Indian chopper: Indian media

The Pakistan army allegedly breached Indian security and downloaded all the digital data from the Indian army helicopter that strayed into Skardu on Sunday,

The report claimed that the data includes the GPS coordinates and location of all Indian helipads in the Siachen and Kargil areas.

“We are treating the incident with utmost concern as coordinates of all helipads in the 14 Corps including Siachen Glacier and LAC are now with Pakistan army with code signs and nicknames,” a senior official told The Hindustan Times.

Citing top government sources, the report claims that a high level probe has been ordered into the incident, and the Indian crew is being questioned about the airspace violation.


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