Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pakistan rejects new nuclear treaty

Pakistan has rejected the new nuclear treaty for ban on production of fissile material.
Addressing to General Assembly’s Committee for Disarmament and International Security, Pakistan’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Raza Bashir Tarar said that it is indispensible for Pakistan to oppose the ban on production of fissile material used as fuel for nuclear weapons because it is not in favour of Pakistan.
He also criticized the discriminatory attitude of international powers toward Pakistan and confirmed that ban on production of fissile material is against the Pakistan’s national interest.
Pakistan increasing nuke stocks, says Panetta. United States Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has accused Pakistan of increasing nuclear stockpile. Addressing a think tank in Washington, he claimed the US is fighting the war against al-Qaeda in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. The US Defence Secretary said that in fact the problems in Afghanistan cannot be eliminated without addressing the issues afflicting Pakistan. “As we are struggling for a stable Afghanistan, we need a stable Pakistan.” Panetta said the Pakistani authorities are helping the US in fighting al-Qaeda in FATA. However, he added, both countries have differences over contacts with certain militant groups.


Penny said...

Hi Asif, while I have been hacking away at Syria and all the news around that, I have noticed the things are heating up with Pakistan.

These people are looking to get a world war on and dam the people
It is a sick, sick game these people are playing
I am glad to see you keeping on on the Pakistan situation


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