Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Argument In Favor Of Ending Pakistan’s Role In America’s War

The Zardari government should review its policy of aligning Pakistan to the US war in Afghanistan.Senior Pentagon official Mark Lippert has testified to the US Senate Armed Services Committee that the Pentagon would consider a range of options if Pakistan did not cooperate against terrorism.Mr. Lippert appeared before the committee for his confirmation hearing as US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs.During his testimony, Mr. Lippert exposed how far he is prey to the American biases
against Pakistan. For one thing, he said that it was Pakistan’s responsibility to ensure that attacks did not emanate from its territory, once again raising the bogey of the Haqqani network, which according to intelligence reports operates out of Afghanistan, not Pakistan.
For another, he claimed the ability of militant groups to find safe havens in Pakistan posed a significant threat to US forces. This ignores the reality that the great mass of attacks on US forces comes from Afghanistan itself, and is rooted in that people’s resistance to foreign invasion and occupation.
The implication of Mr. Lippert’s remarks are that the US is contemplating military action against Pakistan, something which the Pakistani ruling elite should consider in a thorough review of foreign policy, which should include a clear decision to get out of an unfortunate and one-sided alliance.
It seems that Washington has developed wrong ideas about Pakistan after the Abbottabad raid and thinks it can use military means to impose its will. The US may not be aware of it but it should know that the Pakistani nation would fiercely resist any such attempt.
The incumbent government should also keep in mind that Pakistan is the source of its ability to rule, and its dependence on the US means that it is going against the wave of public opinion all in exchange for a presumed ability to stay in power. It should remember that being out of power in their own country is better than not having a country at all.
The fate of all those who acted as US lackeys should be kept in mind. The US is an ungrateful master. It is trying to prop up India as its regional counterweight to China.and is supporting India’s desire for regional hegemony. These wishes also include a number of prejudices against Pakistan, which India wishes the US to share. It appears that it has succeeded.
This should be the new reality to which the ruling elite must accommodate itself. It is only after breaking the alliance presently existing that the US can be convinced that accepting Indian prejudices as policy is a bad idea, and it must restore balance to the relationship that must proceed as that between two sovereign equal states.

This editorial appeared in Pakistan’s The Nation.
NATO, ISAF carried out attack on purpose: Pakistan Army International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) carried out the cross-border attack on purpose and there are no expectations of any results coming from the inquiry.


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