Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CIA is planning to send Musharraf, loaded with cash, to challenge Imran Khan

CIA is planning to send former former Pakistani General Musharraf, back to Pakistan, loaded with cash, to challenge Imran Khan.
He must remember that ground situation has radically changed. In 2008, the grip of the US over Pakistan’s internal affairs was so strong that it had managed to influence the outcome of 2008 elections. Rating of the PPP and Zardari was high. Today Pak-US relations are at its lowest ebb and new terms of engagement are being formulated. PPP has become highly unpopular because of its poor performance and corrupt practices while Zardari has lost his credibility. He is under substantial strain since the Supreme Court is exerting pressure to implement its 16 December 2009 verdict on NRO and to revive money laundering cases pending against him in foreign countries. Memogate scandal is under purview of the Supreme Court, while Abbottabad Commission is investigating 2 May incident. Possibility of its linkage with memo affair is being determined.

Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) under Imran Khan has emerged as a third force and well-known figures from all political parties are drifting towards it. Biggest defections are taking place from PML-Q in which APML had attached lot of hopes. Imran has become a leading crowd puller and seems to have outshined all politicians. If Musharraf thinks he will also be able to attract crowds like Imran Khan and will become as popular as him, he is sadly mistaken. Even PML-N is feeling threatened of PTI. Under the changed circumstances and security threats, wisdom demands that Musharraf should postpone his arrival plan and let the tempers of his adversaries cool down. His recent demand for security guarantees from Pak Army is similar to the one made by Benazir Bhutto. If he comes in January, it means he has been cleared by the government and Establishment to create a bigger circus.


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