Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pakistan: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor urges to prepare for Third World War

Pakistani Punjab University (PU) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran has stated that the world’s circumstances are changing rapidly and there is a possibility of the rapid start of World War III. A grim bulletin from the Russian Ministry of Defense issued to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev states that the Chinese President Hu Jintao has agreed in principle that the only way to stop the West’s aggression led by the United States is through direct and immediate military action. Russian General Nikolai Makarov has said he did not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war including nuclear weapons.
The Vice-Chancellor expressed these views while delivering a lecture on “Pakistan and Global Affairs” at Senate Hall, Old Campus organized by PU College of Information Technology. PUCIT Principal Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar, College of Art & Design Principal Prof. Dr. Rahat Naveed Masud, Oriental College Principal Prof. Dr. Mazhar Moeen, HCBF Principal Prof. Dr. Kh Amjad Saeed and a large number of faculty members of New and Old Campuses were present on the occasion.

The Vice-Chancellor said that according to Chinese Rear Admiral Zang Zhong, China would not hesitate to protect Iran even with a Third World War. He said the US people were making efforts for change and the internet was full of barbaric stories of the torture of US police on “Occupy Wall Street” movement protestors; all the big cities of the US had become police states. About America, he said the country had passed a “National Defense Authorization” law on Dec. 8, 2011 under which the whole world had been converted into a prison because US forces had been authorized to arrest any ‘suspect’ anywhere in the world for an indefinite period.
Prof Kamran stated the members of the US Senate were on the payroll of a group of rich families and US forces and the US President had been working on its agenda. He said that the organized group had been working secretly since 250 years ago to establish “One World Government.” According to him all the people in and outside the government were their slaves and they can arrest or murder anybody working against their wishes. The Vice-Chancellor said the real history of the US was suppressed and they have also even appointed their people at the universities. He said they recruit young students in their secret agencies and that loyalty and secrecy were the keys to their success.
The Vice-Chancellor said these families have imposed wars on the world and provided debts to governments of both sides at heavy interest and made money. These families, he said, had planned in 1890 that there would be three World Wars and after that the world would be under their control. According to him, banking based on interest had caused the concentration of money in the US. He stated that they (the US) had enhanced capacity of deadly weapons and through inventions and discovery of new knowledge, it was now possible for them to control the minds of the nations.
According to a new research, 96 percent of media were owned by six corporations which did not  allow news or books to be published against them, he said, and stated that the 'war against terrorism' was the biggest fraud and a way to send US forces all over the world and also a way to make the United States a police state and that after 9/11, NATO forces had reached only the oil-and-gas-rich regions. He said the US had started the process of occupying the world by making 9/11 a justification and now the war was being fought to enslave mankind forever -- therefore mankind should keep themselves aware of the plans and tactics of these rich families and prepare against them.
About the Pakistani government, he said it should promote education, start compulsory military training and promote a culture of discipline, because forces only fight with passion when everybody was working honestly. He said the US Federal Reserve Bank was a big monetary fraud and that the names of its A-class shareholders were kept secretly and the secret was considered as a secret of US security, stating it was therefore compulsory to put the nation on the course of education and creation of knowledge. The Vice-Chancellor also cited various quotations of various US and British analysts.
Earlier, Prof Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar, while briefing about the College, said before the tenure of the sitting Vice-Chancellor, there was only one PhD teacher while now there are nine PhD teachers in the college. Earlier there were 14 MPhil while now there are 26 MPhil teachers. 20 faculty members have been doing PhDs as compared to two, while 12 are gold-medalists. He mentioned that 40 publications have been published in impact-factor journals and said the College started PhD programme in 2009; the college then had only four regular teachers but now there are 52 regular teachers. He said the Day Care Centre has also been established for the children of young faculty members.


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