Tuesday, December 27, 2011

U.S. Army admits that it was wrong and President Obama is preparing to issue an apology to Pakistan

American troops in Afghanistan are running out of fuel and food as Christmas approaches.  The war rages on as it has for a decade and America is losing, nothing new there. 
American supplies are being blockaded in Pakistan because US drones killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. 
Compounding the problem now, we have learned that the version of events Pakistan gave in the first place, called “liars” by our press and military, was 100% correct.
The liars were the Americans on the scene whose “Afghan allies,” as usual, ended up totally infiltrated by Taliban.
After 10 years, the new “national army” are all either working for the drug lords of the minority northern alliance or, as with the new “national police,” either petty criminals or Taliban.
These two forces cost more to train and supply than the entire Chinese army, no, we are not kidding, this is how much we have spent or wasted, you choose.
So, when Americans go into the field, their “allies” are invariably their enemies, troops that know America is leaving and ready to lead Americans into an ambush or direct an attack on America’s Pakistani allies as they have time and time again.
The Army admits that it was wrong and President Obama is preparing to issue an apology to Pakistan. 
He hopes this will be enough to partially quell anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and get supplies moving before America is forced to begin a “Berlin airlift” or simply withdraw.
The “airlift,” of course, gives Russia total control over American policy in the region which will include a guarantees for the safety of Iran.
In the interim, Imran Khan, former cricketer and philanthropist who takes a hard line against Pakistan’s history of subservience to America has become the political front-runner. 
We know Imran Khan as a genuine moderate, one willing to stand up to the United States but with real leadership capabilities and wide support.  We are somewhat prejudiced for him in that he is an editorial contributor and friend. 
Imran Khan has what we believe is a workable plan to stabilize the region, secure Pakistan and create a model there that would likely work in Afghanistan as well.  He is the only leader respected by all sides.
Gordon Duff


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