Tuesday, January 24, 2012

German Intelligence Cell Busted In Peshawar

A German intelligence official and a married couple gathering intelligence around Peshawar.A house located in University Town was raided on Saturday and three German citizens were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in ‘suspicious activities’, police said.
The suspects, who were interviewed after reports they were living in the house on the Park Lane Street illegally, failed to produce documents validating their stay in Pakistan.
They were identified as Curtain Wild, a colonel in German army who has spent time in Afghanistan and Kosovo, Lauren and Rhodwolf Smith.
An official said statements of the three men did not match with each other. First they claimed to be associated with a non-governmental organisation but later they said they were staff of the German embassy living in Peshawar.
The official said four Pakistanis, who were working for the Germans, had also been held. They included two security guards whose services had been acquired without informing the police.
“They said they were deputed by their embassy to keep an eye on the German-funded development projects but they had no documentary proof to this effect,” the official said.
The Germans came to Peshawar during the Soviet war in Afghanistan more than 30 years ago, he said, adding the house was raided after police came to know about their suspicious activities.
The official would not give details about the foreigners’ activities but said they used to carry out their work on a rotation basis in the garb of NGOs. He said the foreigners previously lived in a house on Jamaluddin Afghani Road and moved to Park Lane about a year ago.
Talking to reporters, Cantonment Circle SP Dr Mian Saeed Ahmed said police maintained record of all foreigners and the NGOs but the three Germans had not informed them about their stay nor did they seek any security.
He said they had opened a ‘German Liaison Office’ in the building which was being used as the office-cum-residence. He said the office had been sealed and the suspects had been taken to Islamabad for interrogation.
The official said police came to know about their illegal stay when security agencies started enlisting foreigners and NGO workers living in the city. “We have taken copies of their passports and investigation is under way,” the SP said.

German ‘Secret Agents’ ordered Pakistan Army Uniforms
Three German nationals who had been arrested on Jan 21 in Peshawar had ordered army and police uniforms to a local contractor, intelligence sources said on Thursday.

According to reports the alleged German spies had been living in Peshawar since 1981 and shifted to a bungalow at Parklane one year ago.

The source said that Burqas (veils) and receipt of uniform order were also recovered from their custody.

The intelligence sources said the foreigners had sent a negative reports about Pakistan to Bonn Conference held in Germany last year to discuss Afghanistan post-troops future.

Intelligence agencies on Jan 21 raided their house and arrested them. The German nationals have been handed over to German embassy(TheNewsTribe)

Pakistan releases three German spies
Berlin: Pakistan on Tuesday released three German national who were member of Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency after tension between the two states.

According to reports, the Germans were detained by police for running illegal office but eventually released after protest by Germany.

After the incident, Germany’s Foreign Ministry summoned Pakistan ambassador in Germany to lodge protest.

The arrested German belonged to an unauthorized liaison bureau of the German embassy in Pakistan and the office had been sealed.


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