Monday, January 2, 2012

If the US plans to leave, why build armored infantry divisions in Afghanistan?

Why would NATO/US need these threatening levels of military buildup in Afghanistan when they plan to leave by 2014 and are engaging with Taliban for talks and even offering Taliban to open offices in Qatar and are also claiming that Al-Qaeda is finished in Afghanistan?
Obama is pledging to reduce the US military engagement in Afghanistan but still building an invasion army?
It is obvious that the US/NATO target is now Pakistan under the Af-Pak and the US needs to disengage from the Afghan war to focus on the Pakistani theatre for the “last push”! If the question was of killing a handful of terrorists in Pakistan, US do not need multiple armored divisions in Afghanistan.
Pakistan army is now in the most commanding position against the US/NATO and has the opportunity to destroy the entire Af-Pak doctrine without even firing a shot – by seizing the stranded NATO supplies for the military buildup required to invade Pakistan!
This seizure of military hardware would stop the entire war against Pakistan into its tracks as the US neither has the capacity nor the economic strength left to wage a war against a nuclear armed Pakistan which also controls the fate of the US forces in Afghanistan now. Without the required military hardware, the US army is not in a position to roll into Pakistan. The equipment is stuck in Pakistan and now the entire Af-Pak is in chaos.
f Pakistan government allows this stuck up armored infantry divisions to enter Afghanistan, we can be sure that within weeks, this equipment would be deployed against Pakistan and Pak army will find itself on the receiving end of these weapons, along with the resurgent insurgency of the TTP and the threat of Indian Cold start from the east. That would be a fatal war of annihilation completing the triple pincer against Pakistan.
Needless to say, the failure to block and seize NATO supplies and allowing the hostile forces to achieve their military buildup in Afghanistan for an invasion into Pakistan would go down in history as the most catastrophic military blunder by any country ever which would not just result in the annihilation of the Pakistan army but also the state and the nation. The stakes and the risks of such a folly cannot even be imagined.
US is desperate to get back its stuck up equipment and is willing to bend backwards in unprecedented moves to some convince Pakistan army that it was a mistake which led to the attack on the Pak army post. So far, Pak army is firm in blocking the supplies but has not yet started to seize the NATO equipment.
This US desperation is a clear sign of the panic which is now haunting the US military strategists. Pakistan can now not just destroy the Af-Pak but also the 4GW and thus neutralize the cutting edge of the Indian Cold start as well. In one master stroke, Pakistan can break the pincer encirclement which was rapidly closing the loop. 
Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid


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