Friday, January 27, 2012

ISI chief confirms no underhand deal to stop probe into Haqqani Memo

ISI chief confirms no underhand deal to stop probe into Haqqani Memo. Possibility for more treason cases because of the Memo and Zardari govt's role in allowing CIA into Pakistan.
Husain Haqqani is a front man for other traitor Pakistanis who collaborated to sell Pakistan cheap to foreign powers. Nation awaits full exposure and accountability
According to the businessman Mr. Ijaz , he had sent a memo at the behest of the former Ambassador to the U.S. Husain Haqqani, to the former U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen seeking Washington's intervention to pre-empt a military takeover after the American raid in Abbottabad to take out al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. 
Fasten your seatbelts. This one is going to hit hard.
The Memo case of today was the biggest treason case in recent history of the country after Agartala Conspiracy of 1968, which broke Pakistan.Instead of punishing the traitors in Agartala sazish, the political parties, courts and the media joined hands against the army to demand the release of traitor Mujeeb ur Rehman and demanded elections. The result was that army was forced to hold elections in an environment where the traitors had taken complete control. The result was a civil war and dismemberment of Pakistan.
Today, the exact repeat is taking place with the Memo scandal. The government is part of this treason. The political parties are supporting the government. Media is already sold out and attacking army and the Supreme Court is dragging the case to the point while the nation continues to slip into the chaos and anarchy. Army and ISI is being surrounded from all sides.
The army is now in an extremely difficult situation. It trusted the Supreme Court to be firm on memo scandal and NRO. Instead, the cases are being dragged without decision and the government remains busy in robbing, looting and plundering the nation ruthlessly.The traitors in Memo case rule Pakistan today and would never let justice prevail while they are in power. They are accused and must be arrested.         (Zaid Hamid)


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