Monday, January 9, 2012

The Nato & U.S Diaper Army

CEO of Strategy Technology Resources (STR) Dr Shireen Mazari, who is also a spokesperson of PTI, in a press release issued on Friday made a humanitarian appeal to the Government of Pakistan to retrieve the DIAPERS from NATO containers and send them to the US forces in Afghanistan.

“The US has imprisoned innocent Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay; its citizens have used violence against innocent Pakistanis in the US; it has murdered our innocent tribals in drone attacks; the list goes on. But before we are accused of depriving the US soldier of his basic human rights, let us not stand in the way of the US soldier and his diaper!” the Dr Shireen concluded.

Nato troops get ‘nappy rash’Face the pain of blocked diapers
Technologically well equipped and facility-wise pampered, the US-led Nato forces, which are already eating dust in Afghanistan at the hands of Taliban, are finding it impossible to fight as they don’t have “diapers to wear”.

A diplomatic source said that the Nato supply line cut by Pakistan has hurt the US-led Nato forces in many ways, including the severe shortage of diapers for the US-Nato soldiers.

Spokesman for the US Embassy in Islamabad when contacted referred this correspondent to the Isaf spokesman in Afghanistan, arguing that he is neither a soldier nor does know that the US Marines and Nato soldiers wear diapers while fighting their war against Taliban inside Afghanistan.

The Isaf spokesman Col Gary Kolb was also sent a question but no response came from his side till the filing of this report. 

Col Gary was asked if it is a fact that the scarcity of goods faced by the US and Nato forces in Afghanistan (because of supply line cut by Pakistan) has caused severe shortage of diapers used by US troops in Afghanistan while fighting the Taliban fighters.

Although, the Isaf spokesman did not come up with his response, a Google search on the matter revealed that the diaper shortage crisis faced by the US-led Nato forces in Afghanistan was first reported by an Urdu daily early last month. In addition, a lot of discussion in different blogs is going on over the shortage of diapers, tissues and chicken in Afghanistan. 

According to the newspaper report of last month, the US authorities had contacted the Pakistani authorities early last month for immediate provision of diapers.

The newspaper report had claimed that the report of the shortage of diapers first appeared in the US media but officially the report was never confirmed by the US administration or the Central Nato Command. It is said that during military operations and while fighting the Taliban inside Afghanistan, the US soldiers wear diapers to fight their enemies without unduly risking their lives.

According to one analyst, the well protected US-Nato forces riding armoured personnel carriers and other army vehicles, do not dare to get outside their vehicles to ease them for fear of attacks by the Taliban.

Despite their extreme technological superiority as well as huge number (more than 150,000 US-led Isaf-Nato forces) of deployment in Afghanistan over the Taliban fighters, the Americans have almost lost their war against a much smaller number of Taliban.

It was the shame of defeat to the US-led forces inside Afghanistan that Washington has now aggressively started pursuing a peace deal with Mulla Muhammad Omar, the Taliban leader and former head of Afghanistan. 

Of late, it was no less than Vice President of the US Joe Biden, who surprised the whole world by stating that Taliban were not enemies of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Diaper Army
Pamper Army

USA, Britain and NATO armies are rotten armies and they are only good at dropping bombs upon the civilians from the height of 10,000 meters while sitting in a fighter jet.

Brave Talibans have got no Helicopter, no Fighter jet, no Tank, no Cannon, no Satellite Photography, no Missile and no other heavy waponry. White Terrorists of NAZI WEST, on the other hands, are armed from tooth to nail with all deady weapons.

Inspite of all these odds of Trillions to One, the Brave Talibans have won and the Democratic Terrorists, White Terrorists & Churchill Terrorists of NAZI WEST have lost.

Tipu Sultan
- -- Tibbi Nabvi


Anonymous said...

You guys are ill in the head and have many lies. It is evil to spread lies to people. You are satan's mouth.

Anonymous said...

I love bogus stories

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