Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pakistan sets new conditions to resume cooperation with US

The local media reports that under new terms of bilateral and multilateral engagements with the US and the NATO, the Parliamentary Committee has linked the restoration of Islamabad’s cooperation with the permanent halt to the US drone strikes in country’s tribal areas, a clear guarantee not to breach Pakistan’s sovereignty again, an agreement to transfer civil nuclear technology to come out of energy crises and a greater access of Pakistani products to the US and European markets.

Islamabad suspended the vital Nato, supply-line and sharing of intelligence in retaliation to the US led NATO attack on Pakistani security check-post killing 24 of its soldiers in November last year.
However, Pakistan Defence Council, an alliance of over dozens of political and religious parties in an emergency meeting decided to launch country-wide agitation against the government if it reopened the supply-line to the NATO and resumed full scale cooperation in-so-called war on terror.
The public resentment against the US continues to build up particularly since the NATO attack on Pakistani check-post
Like other anti-US smaller political groups, the religious parties in Pakistan are attracting tens of thousands of people in public gatherings ----primarily because of an unprecedented anti-American sentiments among people who are not ready to settle down on anything short of ending the alliance with Americans altogether.


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