Saturday, January 7, 2012

US again coming to Husain Haqqani's rescue just like Raymond Davis. Is Haqqani a CIA asset?

US advising Pakistan on how to treat Husain Haqqani.Haqqani used contacts to get US personalities & media to save him from trial in Pakistan.
Husain Haqqani Forced to resigned over the affair and a Pakistani commission is probing the memo said to have sought Washington's help to head off a feared military coup in May in exchange for overhauling the country's security leadership.
"We expect that any process for resolving the matter of Ambassador Haqqani will proceed in a way that is fair, that's transparent that is as expeditious as possible," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.
"We also expect that Ambassador Haqqani will be accorded all due consideration under Pakistani law and in conformity with international legal standards," Nuland told reporters."And we will be watching and monitoring the situation closely," she said
she gave the following brief statement: "We want to see any judicial proceedings go forward in a manner that is open, transparent and consistent with the highest standards of international justice."
Republican senators John McCain and Mark Kirk as well as independent Senator Joe Lieberman voiced concern Thursday that Haqqani may be "becoming a political tool for revenge," and urged Pakistan to resolve the issue swiftly.

Hillary Clinton & 16 U.S scholars wrote letter to US Govt to intervene to save Haqqani in Memo Case.


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