Friday, February 10, 2012

Baloch students shout Long Live Pakistan,US is now planning to invade Baluchistan to wage the last phase of Af-Pak

US is now planning to physically intervene and invade Baluchistan to wage the last phase of Af-Pak in exactly the same way they did with Libya and now doing with Syria. Under the facade of Human rights violations, they invaded Libya and killed hundreds of thousands of Libyan Muslims. Now they plan to attack and capture Gawader to cut a land route to Afghanistan. All the CIA and RAW assets are now fully on the offensive in Baluchistan with US government's backing.

Arrogant and hypocritical US lawmakers focus on Balochistan but forget Kashmir where the entire population is up against Indian terrorism. In Balochistan, the US and Indian backed terrorism has failed to create an insurgency and CIA had to escort terrorist Brahamdagh Bugti to safety in Switzerland. Terrorist group BLA is now involved in low-level attacks for media effect. Pakistani Baloch are not involved. This is the work of organized intelligence agencies operating out of Afghanistan. So let the American legislators bark all they want. They're getting their brief from Langley, and Langley has already led US to defeat in Afghanistan.

China will never be a Super Power if CIA&Langley split Balochistan from Pakistan

Rights violations shame Pakistanis at Congress hearing

Guilt and shame were the two dominant feelings that overwhelmed many Pakistanis at a US congressional hearing room on Wednesday as witnesses detailed human rights abuses in Balochistan. Some were also troubled – while some felt elated – as all five US lawmakers who attended this unusual hearing of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations stressed the Baloch right to self-determination.
But this emotive session – which often drew warm applause from Baloch nationalists – offered little insight into how to resolve this difficult issue. Perhaps, that’s not even the intention of those who had organised the meeting. They wanted to highlight Balochistan as a possibly explosive spot close to a US war-theatre and they succeeded in doing so.
There was some score-settling as well, particularly from US lawmakers upset with Pakistan over Osama bin Laden’s discovery in Abbottabad and with Islamabad’s decision to close Nato’s supply lines to Afghanistan.
“They sheltered the man who master-minded the slaughter of 3,000 Americans. Those who still believe Pakistan is a friend, they need to wake up,” said Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican, who organised and chaired the hearing.
Dr. M. Hosseinbor, a Baloch nationalist scholar, assured the Americans that the Balochs were natural US allies and would like to share the Gwadar port with the United States, would not allow the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline through their lands and will fight the Taliban as well.
Ralph Peters, a retired US military officer, urged the US administration to break up its ties with Pakistan and support the Baloch struggle for freedom.
C. Christine Fair, an assistant Professor at Georgetown University, in her written statement, disagreed with the suggestion, saying that given the ethnic diversity of the province, its complicated history, and the existing geographic constraints, an independent Balochistan was untenable.
But such comments on Baloch politics were not what shamed the Pakistanis, and others, in the room. It was rampant human rights violations by both sides that shamed them.
According to the statistics submitted at the hearing, around 6,000 people were displaced and scores killed in 2005 around Dera Bugti district alone.
Estimates of total number of people displaced from all districts range from tens to hundreds of thousands.
After Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s ouster, Pakistan’s Interior Ministry estimated that 1,100 Baloch had disappeared during his rule. So far, the government has only uncovered the fate of a handful of these people.
Armed Baloch groups are also responsible for targeted killings and destroying private property. In the past several years, they have increasingly targeted non-Baloch civilians and their businesses, as well as major gas installations and infrastructure. They have also killed teachers, physicians and lawyers and struck police and security forces and military bases throughout the province.
Militant religious groups also have carried out targeted killings of those Muslims who belong to sects different from there.
It was Prof. Fair, who was the first to point out, that while she understood emotions ran high, targeted killings were also being carried out by the Baloch.
Amnesty International’s Advocacy Director T. Kumar called on the US to “apply the Leahy Amendment without waivers to all Pakistani military units in Balochistan” to prevent the Pakistani military from using US-made weapons against the Baloch.
Ali Dayan Hasan, the Pakistan director for Human Rights Watch, said that Pakistan’s security forces and its intelligence agencies were involved in the enforced disappearance of Baloch nationalists.
He asked the US government to “communicate directly to the agencies responsible for disappearances and other abuses including the army, ISI, IB, Frontier Corps, police, to demand an end to abuses and facilitate criminal inquiries to hold perpetrators accountable.”
Congressman Rohrabacher declared that the hearing was no stunt, and that they wanted to start a national dialogue on what US policy should be in that part of the world.

I Am A Baloch and I Love Pakistan/ Facebook Community

India funneling weapons, money to terrorists in Balochistan: report

As many as four terrorist groups have been operating in Pakistan’s southwestern volatile province Balochistan, a military report said.
According to report, the groups are backed by some foreign powers, including India and Israel, are involved in deteriorating situation in the province.
It said several foreign powers, including Iran, US, India have interests in the region. The report revealed that the terrorist organizations also have their offices in Europe.
It said that the Baloch separatist leaders Barhamdagh Bugti, Javed Mengal, Herbyar Marri and Dr Nazrullah were involved in the violence while India was providing weapons and money to Dr Nazrullah inTurbat and Makran areas of Balochistan.
The military report said that  situation in five of 30 district was deteriorated while police and local administration have ceased to function. It said that insurgent camps were set up during 1997 and 2004 while terror activities were started in 2005.

No Army operation in Balochistan – Gen.Kayani

February 12, 2012

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Saturday said that there is no military operation being carried out in Balochistan and not a single soldier is involved in any operation in the province.
Gen Kayani said this while talking to the media persons during a reception arranged by the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in the honour of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
The rumours about military operation in Balochistan were mere propaganda while the Frontier Core (FC) was helping out the provincial government under the article 245. The situation that appeared after the murder of a Balochi leader Habib Jalib tells enough who was behind creating law and order situation, but unfortunately the blame has been put on to the army. To a question, he said Balochistan has a great strategic importance, particularly for the Central Asian States and Afghanistan.

Pakistan: US Balochistan Hearing ‘Meddling’ Foreign Ministry Summons US Official for Warning by Jason Ditz, February 13, 2012
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has summoned the US Charge d’Affairs today to express “serious concern” over last week’s House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight hearing on Balochistan, warning that they amount to a unacceptable level of US meddling in internal Pakistani affairs.
Calls by Rep. Rohrabacher and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R – TX) for the US to impose independence on Balochistan and predicting that an independent Balochistan would be a better ally for the US than Pakistan is.

Switzerland Main Balochistan Ke Aazadi Kay Elan Ke Teyareyan Ho Rahi Hen

The BLA will die a natural death the day the CIA leaves Afghanistan


Anonymous said...

Breaking Pakistan. According to a column in a newspaper Selig Harrison has proposed that Balouchistan should be encouraged to become independent as it will serve American interests in the future.It reminds me of a memo sent by Gen. Lord Wavell to the India office stating that Pakistan's independence should be supported because Pakistan will remain weak and helpless and will always need the help and aid of Great Britain.Furtheremore it will a valuable tool in furthering Britain's interest in till the end of history. India's help in this scheme is also highlighted. If today we are able to solve the Kashmir issue both Pakistan And India will fragment beyond recognition.People in both the countries will at one another's throat.In india so many insurgencies are being fought.In Pakistan the smaller prvinces will be at Big bad brothers throat.People of K-puktunkwar are alredy suffering because charlatans acting as leaders ignored what was happening.It may be better for for the ruled than for the ruers.Recall the words of Churchill that Independant India will be ruled by rascals, thieves and charlatans who will steal everything leaving nothing for the people except the air to breathe over which they have no control.It is time that subcontinent which is home to the most miserable people on God's earth should be subdivided into more manageable entities. Mazher Ali Shah Nowshera

Salim K.Baloch said...

SELIG HARRISON is a New York Zionist, who is a siyanim or a Jew working for Mossad. He works for the New York Times, a Jewish owned newspaper, which was instrumental in break-up of United Pakistan. In 1971, the Jewish siyanim at New York Times was Sydney Schanberg, New York Times correspondent in New Delhi,India. He handled the Anti-United Pakistan propaganda for Indians. Jews are now in collusion with Hindus, they are planning to destroy Pakistan. But, Jisay Allah Rakhay Usay Kon Chakhay. Pakistan is a Nuclear and Ballistice Missile Power with China as its senior Partner in security, HinJew (Hindu-Jew combine) Axis will fall on its face. Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

Americans have intensified their preparations for a major attack on Balouchistan against Pak Army in Oct 2012 in disguise of human rights violations. Now I remember why Pak army had been conductiong massive military excercises along Balauch border with afghanistan soon after General kiani took office as Army Chief. Pakistan Army has succeeded with help of ALLAH in SWAT INSHALLAH it will also in Balochistan. If America attacks Pak Army in disguise of talibans, then Pak Army must use full muscle including all lethal bombs and missiles against the insurgents. In my openion Americans will suffer a massive defeat and their exit strategy in Afghanistan will becom 1000 times more bloddy than Vietnam.

Penny said...


help me out please?

The Haqqani network?

Are they NATO connected? Is the designation of them as "terrorist" entities the excuse to justify attack?
Can you expand on that at all for me?
It would be greatly appreciated
I want to add it to a post that I will be doing
Thanks in advance.
Just leave it in the comment section of the latest post
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Again thanks kindly

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