Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pakistan PM Slapped With Contempt Charge, Is Jail Next?

Rejecting Appeal, Pakistani Court Says Premier Must Face Charges.The Supreme Court says it will start contempt-of-court proceedings against Mr. Gilani on Feb. 13. If convicted, Mr. Gilani faces up to six months in prison and disqualification from office.
The investigation centers on charges of corruption involving Mr. Zardari and a Swiss company dating from the 1990s. For more than two years, the government resisted the court order through a variety of delaying tactics, but the judges lost patience last month.        


Anonymous said...

pakistan should be dismemeberd for electing scoundrels,rascals and vagabonds.just to save the mangy hide of the illegitimite zordari the whole country is being pulled down the sewerhole

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