Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shireen Mazari On Haqqani’s Escape: Victory Of Sleaze In Pakistan

The military leadership especially has once again come out looking bad with promotions and other such interests leading to what is a major national compromise.
The departure of Husain Haqqani to United States reflects the sorry state of affairs of the government and state of Pakistan. In fact the whole Memogate issue was a reflection of the depths of absurdity and sleaze that the state of Pakistan and its rulers have sunk to.

Two of the sleaziest characters were being used to invite American intervention into the most sensitive issue-areas of Pakistan.

To see the affairs of State being conducted through such unsavoury conduits was a reflection of the bizarre state of affairs in Pakistan today. To see the Prime Minister’s House become a sanctuary for all manner of alleged criminals was yet one more insult hurled in the face of the people of Pakistan for electing the present set of rulers.

Now with Hussain Haqqani going off to the US scot-free it appears that no justice will ever be done in this case. The government as well as the military seem to have compromised not only with the US – once again in a long list of damaging compromises – but also put their own personal interests before those of the nation.

The US media and government started targeting the Pakistan military and judiciary from the moment Haqqani’s case was taken up with a blatant intrusion into the country’s internal affairs.

Yet there was no need for any state institution to have succumbed to this blatant US interference and attempt to obstruct justice.

The military leadership especially has once again come out looking bad with promotions and other such interests leading to what is a major national compromise of the most despicable kind given how it were Pakistan’s security interests that were being bargained with in the notorious Memo.

Husain Haqqani himself has a record of selling out Pakistan’s national interests to the US in the past. For instance, when he was Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, he revealed a highly sensitive piece of information to then US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Teresita Schaeffer regarding one of our covert operations. This almost destroyed Pakistan-Sri Lankan relations.

His book on Pakistan, written now it appears through a hefty payment from a US sponsor, also targets the Pakistani state. And the language in the Memo is similar to the Haqqani style of writing in his book.

Whatever the real truth behind the Memo, especially how far up the ruling hierarchy it went, the fact is that sleaze has come to dominate Pakistan’s state today with underhand deals, all manners of compromises with foreign powers and cronyism and criminals running free to conduct serious business of government and state.

Husain Haqqani symbolises this sleaze factor; but he is simply one of many in the same category who are ruling the roost today and with whom the civil and military leadership is making all manner of deals. Thus the Pakistani state and nation stand preyed upon from those meant to protect and safeguard their interests and their lives.
DR. SHIREEN M. MAZARI(Paknationalist)


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