Monday, March 5, 2012

Black Pearl - Balochistan Documentary

This is documentary is a slap on the face RAW/CIA funded terrorists BLA. Balochistan the biggest province of Pakistan is located at an extremely strategic position in the region. Their tribal war over trivial issues is the biggest hurdle for human development in spite of all human resources. The Chamalang coal reserves were first discovered in 1885 during British rule. In spite of prosperity a bloody war started between the Pashtoon Luni and Marri tribes. Pakistan Army intervened. This was a journey of sacrifices, jawans and officers of Pakistan Army lost their limbs, their lives but were determined to bring these people out of darkness.

What is Pakistan army doing in Baluchistan? Why the snakes of SAFMA, terrorists of BLA and that snake Altaf wants army out of Baluchistan? Who is exploiting and killing the Baluchis Muslims and Pakistanis?

Baloch are living a life worse than any human standard, the literacy rate is lowest and unemployment is widespread. But who is to blam?? Did we have a single nawab who was sincere to our nation? Did we have a single leader who was as visionary as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan? Give me name of a single local leader who built a cancer hospital in Quetta? Give me a single Nawab who built a world class university in balochistan? do you have any names?Our own local nawabs are responsible for our plight.


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