Monday, March 12, 2012

Massacre & butchery in Afghanistan, US soldiers kill & burn Afghan civilians in Kandahar

US soldier shoots 17 Afghans. Another burns Quran, a 3rd pees on dead bodies &  ISAF says 'Not our values!'.Afghan officials say Western forces shot dead 17 civilians including nine children and three women were among the dead,
in southern Kandahar province on Sunday in a rampage that witnesses said was carried out by American soldiers who were laughing and appeared drunk.Villagers told the New York Times that the soldiers gathered 11 bodies at the first house, including four girls younger than 6, and set them on fire."This is an assassination, an intentional killing of innocent civilians and cannot be forgiven,and demanded an explanation from Washington" Karzai.

Witnesses saying it was "Western forces" that killed civilians, and that a "group" of US soldiers entered houses at 2 AM.In a massacre that expresses the brutality and horror of the entire American war in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan’s parliament has condemned the killing of 16 civilians by an American sergeant on Sunday. It demands a public trial, saying Afghans have run out of patience with how the NATO-led coalition forces are acting in the country.

Eleven members of a single family were gunned down in their home, their bodies then piled in a heap and set on fire. The victims included four girls six years old or younger. Only the father, Samid Khan, a poor farmer, and one child survived, because they were away from the village at the time.

The NATO-led coalition is now preparing for withdrawal of most its troops from Afghanistan after a decade of occupation. Apparently the invaders have failed to build a strong and self-reliant state capable of dealing with the insurgents on its own. Washington is currently in talks with the Taliban, reportedly attempting to secure safe passage out for its troops.

Taliban spokesmen claimed that the attack was one of the notorious night raids conducted by US special forces that have become a focal point for popular hostility to the US occupation.Afghan.Taliban Vow Revenge For 16 Civilians Murdered by US Soldier.Witnesses from the scene say that during the raids, the American terrorists and their puppets shot the household members at point blank range and so far 20 bodies have been found and recovered by the villagers among which, 11 are from the home of Muhammad Wazir including 
himself. The unsuspecting innocent victims have been sprayed with hundreds of bullets and have been cold-bloodedly martyred.The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while sympathizing with the victims of this savage act as part of its Islamic and human obligation, gives assurance to their heirs that it shall take revenge from the invaders and the savage murderers for every single martyr with the help of Allah (SWT) and they shall receive punishment for their barbaric actions. 
The Islamic Emirate once again calls on all the international human right organizations and NGOs, as part of their human conscience, to help the Afghans in preventing such unjustifiable crimes by the American invaders from taking place and to put them on trial as part of its moral obligation.

Massacre in Kandahar (Freedom for Everyone - American Style)-Video

Here’s Where the Afghan Massacre Was Launched

Twenty US soldiers involved in Kandahar killings
An Afghan committee says that up to 20 US soldiers have been involved in the Sunday killing of at least 16 Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province.The committee or fact-finding mission has been set up by the Afghan Parliament to investigate the killing of at least 16 Afghan civilians in Kandahar’s Panjwayi district.

According to the head of the mission, after probing the circumstances and speaking to witnesses and locals, it was concluded that the crime could not have been committed by a single soldier. Seyed Ishaq Gilani also said that local religious and tribal elders said there was more than one soldier involved.
This is while the US military insists that only one soldier was involved in the massacre.On Sunday, a US soldier opened fire on Afghan civilians inside their homes, killing at least 16 and injuring several others in the town of Panjwaii. (Link)

Afghan MPs Outraged as US Transfers Massacre Soldier to Kuwait
A number of members of parliament from Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar Province are reacting with outrage today following the news that the US military decided to “transfer” the soldier responsible for the weekend massacre in their province to Kuwait.
The move came as a number of Afghan officials were calling for the soldier, whose name has not been released, to face a public trial in an Afghan criminal court. The MPs said trying him in Afghanistan would show that “America doesn’t like this soldier and wants to punish him.”
Top US military official Lt. Gen. Scaparotti insisted that the military had informed Afghan leaders of the plan and “they understood.” There has been no confirmation from the Karzai government’s leadership.
The US has insisted that they are taking the massacre seriously. Promises of a serious prosecution for the massacre does not seem promising, however, particularly so close to the end of the Haditha Massacre trials, which ended with no prison time for the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians, including children.

US 'did not cooperate' with Kandahar probeThe US military did not cooperate with the Afghan team dispatched to investigate the massacre of 16 civilians by a rogue American army sergeant in Kandahar province, the Afghan president has said.

The accusations came as Hamid Karzai met in his palace on Friday with distraught families of victims of last week’s incident as well as tribal elders.

“The Afghan government didn’t receive cooperation from the USA regarding the surrender of the US soldiers to the Afghan government,” Karzai said.

Lieutenant General Sher Mohammed Karimi, chief of the Afghan army who led the investigation into the massacre, told the gathering that his delegation did not receive the full cooperation they expected.

He said that despite repeated requests from high-level Afghan officials, including the minister of defence, to meet with the accused soldier, they were not granted access by US generals.

Karimi said he wanted to ask the soldier whether he acted alone, or was part of a team, as has repeatedly been claimed by tribal elders.

The soldier was flown to Kuwait on Wednesday, and is expected to arrive in a military prison in the US as early as Friday, according to reports.


US repeats Haditha massacre in Afghanistan


Anon said...

This looks like Operation Phoenix and Operation Gladio where the US military deliberately killed women and children.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

I think its the time for western to leave Afghanistan otherwise they will face the same fate as in Vietnam......

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