Friday, June 15, 2012

America threatens Pakistan,US aircraft carrier 'USS Enterprise' entering Pakistani waters near Gawader

Let me break a piece of news here.(Ahmed Qurashi) One of the key deal-breakers in the Pak-American talks on restoring the Nato supply line was the question of inspecting the containers entering and exiting Afghanistan via Pakistan’s territory.
The Pakistani side suspects the weapons and other war material in the containers reached anti-Pakistan terrorists in Balochistan and the tribal belt in the past. Pakistani negotiators wanted a foolproof way of ensuring that the material inside the containers does not ‘leak’ inside Pakistan.
Of course it’s not possible to monitor every container once inside the country. So the best way to go was to check the containers at entry and exit. Strangely, the Americans initially refused and then insisted that scanners to check the containers would come from the US.
No they won’t, said the Pakistani side, adding we’re free to procure the scanners from anywhere we want, including China. So, what is the US government really hiding here?

After failing to strike a deal on Nato supply with Pakistan, violating international laws the US has moved its USS Enterprise, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, into Pakistani territorial waters Sets-Up 75 Miles from Gawadar Port near Gawadar city of Balochistan province.The USS Enterprise, which holds a crew of over 4,000, had taken part in several wars. Indians have been involved in attacking across the Line of Control for the past 2 days. It seems that the external threats of Af-Pak and Cold start are now flexing their muscles as the chaos and anarchy through the 4thGW reaches its peak in Islamabad and in rest of the country.
The US media is making too much of the departure of the American technical team that was in Pakistan to negotiate a deal. The truth is that the team has gone back for consultation and can return any time. Last, the American are DESPERATE for a deal despite all the reports they are planting and American and foreign media suggesting they don't care about the Pakistan route.The US wants the supply routes to be reopened or else it will block the aid supply and may even impose sanctions, or attempt another unilateral military action. The US behaved in a similar haughty fashion when Raymond Davis was arrested and when the US Navy SEALs carried out a unilateral strike in Abbottabad. Believing in the dictum of ‘might is right’, power drunk American leadership wants Pakistan to accept its insults, humiliations, discriminations and lies  without uttering a word of protest and behave like a slave country.
Only days after US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted that American troops are engaged in a war in rural northwest Pakistan, Panetta said during an intelligence briefing , “We are fighting a war in the FATA, we are fighting a war against terrorism,” referring to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, a region in northwest Pakistan.Everyday America becomes more like Nazi German and Stalinist Russia,The US Defence Secretary Leon PanettaIt’s spewing venom against Pakistan from the time he took over as Director CIA. He was the one who advocated making drone as a choice weapon in war on terror and in accelerating drone war in Pakistan since 2009, President Obama and he signs the death warrants. Despite Pakistan’s loud protests to put an end to extra judicial killings through drones which kills 97% of innocent people, Panetta arrogantly says that drone strikes would continue.US considers all civillians as a terrorists and the towns and villages in NW as sanctuaries and want Pak Army to destroy all of them. a sign of the Hitler Nazi regime in the 1930′s and the Stalinist regime of the 1950′s – mass murder of civilians, indefinite detention without trial, and execution of political dissidents.

Pakistan is running out of patience with United States military and CIA outposts in Afghanistan. Both are accused by Pakistanis of supporting terrorism and insurgencies against Pakistan. CIA outposts in Afghanistan are involved in operating drones violating Pakistani borders. This is not covered by UN mandate in Afghanistan after 9/11 and US aircraft carrier entering Pakistani waters near Gawader is a violation of international law. Pakistan is within it's right to bomb CIA outposts on Afghan territory if these violations continue.Pakistan’s alliance with the US has proved very costly. It suffered a loss of 40,000 human lives, $70 billion economic loss and extreme social trauma.  Pak security forces have suffered 5000 fatalities while combating militants, mostly aided by foreign powers. No other country involved in fighting terrorism can match Pakistan’s sacrifices.

Who can deny that Pakistani Taliban were the creation of CIA and Mossad to defame Islam and Afghan Taliban, and to incapacitate Pak Army? Who doesn’t know that Nek Muhammad was the first one cultivated by CIA to confront the Army, and when he learnt that he had been wrongly briefed and he signed a peace deal with Lt Gen Safdar at Shakai Fort in June 2004, he was killed by CIA operated drone. It is a well known fact that Abdullah Mehsud after his arrest in Afghanistan in November 2001 was shifted to Gitmo Prison where he was thoroughly brainwashed and then infiltrated into FATA via Afghanistan in 2005 to galvanize Taliban movement. Likewise, his cousin Baitullah Mehsud was also brought in line and the two worked independently but in unison to establish TTP. Both had been led up the garden path that the US will help in creating Islamic caliphate in FATA.

Pakistan has ample proofs of foreign support to Mullah Fazlullah in Swat. He and his followers after being dislodged from their base have been provided safe havens in Nuristan and Kunar from where they are carrying out acts of terror in Mehmand, Bajaur, Dir and Chitral duly aided by Kabul regime and agencies.It is an open secret that the training centre run by Mossad in Badakshan for which Muslim religious teachers were provided by India imparted ideological training to young recruits and trained them as suicide bombers. Targets given to them were military convoys, mosques, shrines, funerals, wedding parties, schools and religious scholars. Can the US deny that Blackwater secretly inducted in Pakistan in early 2008 is the extension of CIA? Documents seized from the car of Raymond Davis and diary containing addresses and phone numbers revealed that he and his colleagues were linked with all terrorist groups in Pakistan and a huge CIA network was operating in Pakistan.


Guest said...

US is going for world war-3 in which complete world can be destroyed. America will be responsible for that and then she will regret on that.

Cisco jinn said...

US is run by Jews and Jews want US to go down in coming decade and then IsraHell will be on top as they are transferring all wealth of US & World through Scams & Deception to Israhell..........Jewish International World Bankers with European Imperialist Monarchs are screwing up the Middle East only for IsraHell sake

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