Thursday, June 14, 2012

MediaGate - Malik Gate, Target Pakistan

Pakistan’s failed and destructive politics have reached a new height with the Bahria Town case. If anyone thought the restoration of democracy in 2008 after a long break would bring maturity to the system, they were mistaken.(AQ) 

Pakistan- LEAK Video-Gilani's son arranged PLANTED TV interview for MalikRiaz, Zardari govt behind MalikRiaz

اسس وڈیو کلپ کا آخری حصّہ ... یا الله یہ کیا تھا ؟

Pakistani TV anchor Meher Bokhari admits planting interview for MalikRiaz on DunyaTV.The relationship between a real estate tycoon and top journalists is disturbing.
The Arsalan case: Aside from the details, the case is a new low for Pakistan’s failed politics. This is new evidence proving that a failed and unstable system and immature players are dealing a blow to Pakistan’s internal stability.

While the government and media are fiercely attacking the CJ exploiting the sins of his son, the real traitors are not being discussed in media. The memo commission report has come which clearly proves that Haqqani and his government in Islamabad are guilty of high treason!This is the actual sin of the CJ that he delayed the judgement on memo high treason case and refused to listen to our petition against treacherous media. Now the same government and the media are bringing him down and humiliating him. In our May 3rd program, we had warned the CJ that a coup against him is being planned and he must dismiss this traitor government or resign to save himself. He did neither and today is being humiliated. 

Watch this program to know the reality of the commission judgement.



Who is Malik Riaz

List of Top 19 journalists allegedly bribed by Malik Riaz

Renowned names of various news television anchors and journalists like Dr. Shahid Masood, Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan, Nusrat Javed, Meher Bokhari, Mubasher Lucman, Hamid Mir, Javed Chaudhry, Sana Bucha, Sohail Waraich and Asma Shirazi among a few others, are present in the lists below.
An account of favors given to these journalists in shapes of money, cars and property etc is recorded in these trademarked letterheads of Bahria Town.


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